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Success in real estate comes from understanding the heartbeat of the community. In Taupō, we don't just sell homes; we celebrate the lifestyle and dreams of every homeowner.
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Tristy and Shaun Vadnjal

Tall Poppy Taupo, proudly locally owned

Tall Poppy Taupō brings together the local expertise of Shaun Vadnjal, Tristy Vadnjal, Helen Tobin, Jess Gordine, Kym Sheldon, Ryan Curran-Pacquing, and Andrew Blewett to deliver unparalleled real estate services. Our team's diverse background, from construction to corporate boards, and Kym's 20+ years in real estate, ensures we understand every facet of the property market. Whether you're a first-time homeowner or a seasoned property investor, we provide tailored, professional guidance to navigate Taupō's vibrant real estate landscape. Our commitment to excellence, combined with a fair flat fee structure, makes us the go-to partner for selling your property in Taupō, where every season brings new opportunities.


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About Taupo

The appeal of Taupō isn’t limited to any one season; there are plenty of attractions all year round. The nearby ski areas and stunning landscapes are a winter-lover’s dream.

In summer, Lake Taupō and the warm climate provide endless things to do. And what about Taupō real estate? You guessed it - the area’s growing popularity and infrastructure has been great for people selling their property.

With such a vibrant real estate market in Taupō, Tall Poppy is here to ensure you get the best results possible. If you’re looking to sell your home, our Tall Poppy experts would love to help. Tall Poppy is proud to open our Taupō franchise and our fair flat fee is popular among local property sellers.

Tall Poppy in Taupō

Tall Poppy Taupō is led by local business couple, Shaun Vadnjal, Tristy Vadnjal, Helen Tobin, Jess Gordine, Kym Sheldon, Ryan Curran-Pacquing & Andrew Blewett. With Tristy’s vast experience having stood on multiple boards, and Shaun’s business and construction background, the duo are well equiped with a strong understanding for, negotiation and relationship management, making them the perfect partners for the job! Kym has a great passion for Real Estate, with 20+ years of experience within the industry.

The small yet dynamic team will be delivering some of the best results for sellers in the area. They are professionals in their field, selling real estate across the spectrum of houses, lifestyles blocks, vacant sections, apartments and units.

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When your buying or selling a property communication is the key.

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