Selling Your Home: Exploring the Best Methods with Tall Poppy

So.... how many ways are there to sell a home? Here's you'll find a quick guide to the ways you can buy a house in Aotearoa. Choosing the right method to sell your home is crucial to attracting buyers and securing the best possible price. At Tall Poppy, we've simplified the process with our innovative approach, ensuring that every sale is as smooth and successful as possible.

Tall Poppy’s Unique Approach: The Preliminary Offer System

We’ve revolutionised the offer process with our Preliminary Offer system, designed to make submitting offers straightforward and less daunting for prospective buyers. This approach not only boosts the number of offers but also fuels competition, allowing our sales consultants to effectively negotiate and secure top dollar for your property. Our method has consistently delivered impressive results, proving its effectiveness in attracting buyers and achieving optimal outcomes.

Advertising with a Price

Market research from Trade Me shows that listings with a displayed price attract twice as many viewers as those without. Recognizing this, we recommend marketing your property with a clear price guide, which could be indicated as Buyer Enquiry Over (BEO) or Buyer Budget Over (BBO). This strategy is known to draw the highest number of potential buyers, maximising your property's visibility and appeal.

Price by Negotiation

Opting for a 'Price by Negotiation' method means that your listing won’t show a specific price, and offers can be made at any time. This approach provides flexibility, allowing negotiations to unfold organically without the pressure of a fixed price point.

Tender and Deadline Sale

Both the tender and deadline sale methods involve setting a future date before marketing begins, by which you’d like to consider all offers. These methods do not display a price in the advertising and generally encourage buyers to submit their best offers as the deadline approaches.


Choosing an auction means setting a public sale date without an advertised price. Bids are made openly in a competitive environment, often leading to a sale at the best market price. If the property doesn’t sell (passes in) at the auction, negotiations can continue post-event. While auctions can be highly effective, especially for properties with broad appeal or unique features, we tailor our recommendation to suit each property and its specific circumstances.

Integrated Marketing and Sale Strategy

At Tall Poppy, we believe that to get the best results, how you sell, and how you market your property must go hand in hand. Understanding that no two properties are alike, we collaborate with you to select the selling method that best suits your property's unique characteristics. Our expertise in marketing ensures that your property is showcased to attract the right buyers, achieving the very best price possible.

Let’s find the perfect selling strategy for your home.

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