Shaking things up. Doing things better. Reimagining real estate.

Since we started in 2012, we’ve been passionate about breaking the norms and being clear and up front about how we do our work, and how much it will cost to work with us. Now, in 2024, we’re taking things a step further by reimagining real estate.

We Are Tall Poppy

To revolutionise the real estate industry by offering exceptional value, transparency, and results, all the while dismantling the barriers of overpriced services and outdated practices.

We re-imagine the biggest financial transaction in most people's lives, with transparency, trust and respect. Creating an experience where communication, technology and systems enhance the relationship and participation of all people involved.

Our Personality

Our brand exudes the spirit of pioneers like Burt Munro, the tenacity of Team New Zealand, and the unparalleled determination of The All Blacks. As Kiwis, we embody the ethos of accomplishing remarkable feats through resourcefulness and a commitment to truth. While others rely on flashy gimmicks and boastful claims, we remain steadfast in our approach, focused on our unique path and executing our game plan with precision.

We consistently deliver extraordinary results yet maintain a sense of humility. Our expertise is grounded in meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering dedication to factual knowledge. Unlike celebrities, we see ourselves as craftsmen and technicians in the art of real estate. Our decisions are driven by data, not emotions, ensuring the utmost reliability and integrity in everything we do.

We embrace curiosity and innovation, constantly seeking to push boundaries and uncover hidden connections that lead to exceptional outcomes. As futurists, we thrive on exploring the unknown and envisioning possibilities that others overlook. By connecting dots that go unseen, we pave the way for transformative solutions and inspire confidence in those we serve.

Our Values

Our values are more than just guidelines; they're the spirit of our collective endeavour, weaving together unity, innovation, and integrity to shape every facet of our service.

One team

United for You - When we decide, we all dive in, aiming to create something remarkable for our customers. It’s about being part of something bigger, focusing on what's best for you. We support each other, value openness, and celebrate our achievements together, because a strong team means better service for you.

We stick together, always prioritizing our team's well-being to better serve you. Respect, diversity, and inclusion are our cornerstones. We work closely, share ideas, and give feedback, all with the goal of continually improving your experience with us.

We maintain a joyful, supportive space, balancing work and fun in a respectful environment. Celebrating our progress together motivates us to deliver the exceptional service you deserve.

Build social value

Every day, we're dedicated to making a tangible difference in the world, it’s about forging lasting, trustworthy relationships in an industry where trust can be scarce. We take charge of our own areas with the highest self-discipline, holding ourselves and our peers to stringent standards. By applying positive peer pressure and pursuing excellence, we lead with actions that inspire. Embracing responsibility, observing, learning, and striving to be exemplary leaders, we're committed to doing whatever it takes to propel others towards success.

Our ethos is customer and client-first, going the extra mile to exceed expectations. We view our customers as partners, actively solving their problems and listening intently. Open communication is key, and we stand by our word, delivering on what we promise. For us, improvement is continuous, and excellence is an ongoing journey.

Focus on Impact

Our guiding principle is to focus on impact by recognizing that attention to detail enables us to see the broader picture as well as the intricate parts. Small, consistent improvements are the seeds that grow into significant, transformative results over time, with our actions rooted in solid facts rather than superficial fluff.

In every aspect of our work, we embody honesty and fairness, maintaining a professional demeanour and the highest standards in all our interactions. As trusted advisors, we're committed to building strong relationships founded on rapport and confidence. Our approach is always non-judgmental, with a steadfast commitment to confidentiality. Through this meticulous attention to both the minor and major, we ensure that every effort is impactful, contributing to meaningful and enduring outcomes.

Be Obsessed

In every aspect of what we do, we're committed to creating wonder in the marketplace. It's about connecting people and crafting experiences where technology meets human touch, seamlessly transforming complexity into simplicity.

We maintain professionalism at every turn, presenting ourselves and our work to the highest standards. This commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of how we operate, pushing us to go beyond the expected.

Curiosity and observation are the hallmarks of our team, positioning us as industry leaders who are always learning and evolving. We're proactive in challenging the status quo, with a positive mindset that encourages us to push boundaries. It's not just about doing our jobs but doing them exceptionally well and adding value at every opportunity. Our obsession is with excellence and impact, making us relentless in our pursuit of greatness.

Kiwi Mindset

Our approach embodies a Kiwi mindset, where ingenuity and innovation are at the forefront. We're all about solving problems with clever solutions and relating to others in a down-to-earth manner, always looking out for each other.

We are the business—thinking outside the box, brimming with creativity, and always ready to seize growth opportunities. Acting with honesty and fairness is fundamental to us, ensuring that we're not just doing business but doing it right.

Enjoyment and fun are key; we love what we do, and it shows. Our ethos is about not taking ourselves too seriously while making sure the job gets done. This balance is our secret to creating a positive, impactful, and innovative environment.

When you match great people with great insights, the results are nothing short of amazing.

You’ll find that Tall Poppy is made up of people who “get” people. Not only do we understand your journey, but we also know what it is people are looking for in a home.

We have invested in the most creative and innovative people, and developed marketing tools to ensure that your home gets the attention it deserves.

Add the Canstar Awards for the best Real Estate Agency in both 2021 and 2023, and you know you’re in good hands.

We have reimagined Tall Poppy, making sure every single aspect of our business is aligned with our unique selling approach. Most of our team is made up of people who are here to serve our clients, or creative and marketing experts who are constantly rethinking how to put your home in front of the right buyer.

Our commitment to transparency means you can see how much you’ll save at the outset, and you’ll know exactly what we are doing on your behalf at every step of your journey.

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