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We are knowledgeable real estate people who work tirelessly to deliver a seamless, transparent, professional service at an unbeatable flat fee.

Our Story

In 2012, we established Tall Poppy Real Estate, a home grown Kiwi business with a straight up proposition – offer a quality service at an unbeatable flat fee without compromising on achieving the best possible price for your property.

With a single centralised support office and the smart use of technology, we have no expensive overheads, so we pass those savings on to our sellers. Our team of professional salespeople throughout the country are independently audited on service delivery, attitude and ability with every sale. With a 99.8% customer satisfaction rating, the results speak for themselves.

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Michael Seymour

Owner & Chairman of the Board

Michael is a big energy connection-maker who challenges the status quo, identifies the disruption point, streamlines systems & pushes businesses through needed change. Michael has significant experience successfully building businesses. His experience extends to building Radius Pharmacy from scratch. Here’s Michael talking Tall Poppy franchise opportunities.

Sam McIntyre

Owner & Head of Sales

Sam is a highly driven entrepreneur who doesn’t believe in a glass ceiling. He’s won every sales record he set his mind to in banking and more recently in the real estate category. When Sam’s not working towards higher business peaks, he’s immersed in his passion for innovation and disruption. Here’s Sam talking about why you should join the Tall Poppy team.


Mike DelPrete

Independent Director

Mike is a new ventures guy who has spent his career building, investing in, and growing new businesses. He’s a former tech entrepreneur, CEO, Head of Strategy for Trademe, and head of corporate development with broad expertise in online real estate tech. Here’s Mike talking about how Tall Poppy meets the market by challenging the status quo and delivering a new way for consumers to buy and sell real estate.


David Graves

Founding owner & Head of Compliance

David established Tall Poppy over 5 years ago to challenge the status quo and provide New Zealand with a fairer deal. David is on the Real Estate National Advisory Board, manages all contracts and the conduct of our salespeople to ensure that we are meeting REA standards and continue to trade without complaint. Here's David talking about how he delivers a higher standard of real estate.