Helen Tobin

Sales Consultant

Helen Tobin

Rooted in Central Hawkes Bay's rural traditions, my journey from sheep and beef farm owner to a respected real estate agent in Taupo embodies a 'down to earth' approach that resonates deeply with clients. My affiliation with Tall Poppy reinforces my commitment to a unique, ethical work ethic, revolutionising real estate with transparency and client-focused service. I'm dedicated to giving back to the Taupo community, ensuring each real estate decision enriches lives and fulfils dreams, making significant financial and emotional transactions seamless and rewarding.

Helen sells properties in Taupo, Hilltop, Nukuhau, Acacia Bay

With a solid foundation in rural Central Hawkes Bay and a successful real estate career since 2005, I bring a genuine, grounded approach to serving Taupo's property market with Tall Poppy. My passion for this community drives me to contribute positively, reflecting in my professional ethos. My promise is simple: to guide clients through one of their most significant decisions with care, understanding, and precision, aiming for a seamless experience that transcends mere transactions. Let's embark on this journey together, ensuring your real estate decisions are as fulfilling as they are successful.


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About Helen

I come from a rural background, having spent my formative years in Central Hawkes Bay on a sheep and beef farm, which I later went on to purchase. Electing to start a real estate career in the Bay of Islands in 2005 has been a positive move allowing me to bring to my business a ‘down to earth’ approach, which I have found has been well received.

Moving to Tall Poppy here in Taupo was a decision I considered and researched for some time and I have not been disappointed. I am proud to be part of this team and to be given the opportunity to work alongside experienced agents that share a unique work ethic which I know is changing the way we do real estate in this country.

Being part of a healthy community is important to me. I love this town and it has been particularly good to me which is why I will always be searching to give back in some way that will benefit both individuals and groups.

My promise

To be part of a healthy real estate ethos allows me to support clients towards what I see as one of the biggest decisions they will make. The financial and emotional implications that comes with that, requires getting it right. If I can ease that for my client then I consider that goes towards a job well done.

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Our experience working with Helen has been nothing but fantastic.

My strengths

What people love about working with me

Rural Roots and Ethical Approach

A background in farming contributes to a trustworthy, grounded professional ethos.

Community Commitment

A deep love for Taupo and a dedication to contributing positively to its people and places.

Innovative Team Collaboration

Proudly part of Tall Poppy, sharing and benefiting from a collective approach that's changing New Zealand real estate.

Client-Centred Promise

A commitment to easing the financial and emotional implications of property decisions, ensuring a job well done.

Helen’s sold properties


34 Hurunui Lane
Taupo, Kinloch


2/14 Huia Street
Taupo, Taupo


29 Robinson Terrace
Taupo, Rangatira Park


10a Sunset Street
Taupo, Taupo


7 Elizabeth Street
Taupo, Tauhara


738 Oruanui Road
Taupo, Oruanui

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