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Tall Poppy Makes It Easier, Fairer for Kiwis to Sell Property

Tall Poppy is removing the barriers for Kiwis selling property, enabling them to sell their most significant asset without having to dip into savings to pay for marketing before listing it for sale.  

Our new all-inclusive marketing package - designed with industry leaders like Trade Me - combines the most effective elements to get in front of buyers and sell the property, without any upfront cost to the seller.

Michael Seymour, Tall Poppy Director, says 50% of Kiwi homes have less than $5000 in the bank in savings and believes the new approach will make the process less stressful - during one the most important events in a person’s life. 

“Usually, people need to pay marketing costs before their home is even listed - costs between $500 - $4000 are common, which can be a significant drain on savings.  One of the most questions people ask most is ‘how much will marketing cost?’ Our bundle offers well over $2000 of value to the consumer, money they don’t need to find upfront. 

“We want to free people up to use their savings for things that matter - paying school fees, car repairs or renovations - all while getting their home to market,” says Michael Seymour.

Combining digital elements including Trade Me Premium, targeted Google advertising, floor plans and coverage on all major real estate sites, Tall Poppy’s marketing bundle will directly reach sellers on all major digital networks. 

“Doing this is only fair. We believe our approach to property marketing will give sellers greater peace of mind; make it even easier for people to sell their homes; and lift expectations across the board about property marketing in New Zealand,” says Michael Seymour.

Digitally focused and data-driven, it is the first time a package like will be available nationwide from a New Zealand real estate company. Properties listed for sale from the 10th of February will be the first to access the new marketing services from Tall Poppy. It will run initially until the 31 May 2020. You can find out more here.