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At Tall Poppy, we believe that the nice guys can win. We believe in fair play. In fact honesty, integrity, and doing right by our team is at the heart of what we do. We work hard together, we learn from each other, we help each other get better, and we succeed together. We make no secret of the fact that we demand a lot from ourselves as individuals and our team, it's how we ensure we are the best at what we do.


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Ours is a very simple model, and one you will benefit from. There's no splitting commissions on the buyer’s side - If you list, it’s all yours. No burdensome meetings or needless obligations, just straightforward support to meet necessary regulations. We’re here to amplify your lead generation efforts, offering a steady flow of pre-qualified leads to bolster your business.


Better Bottom Line

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Greater margins

Our innovative model ensures you take home a more significant slice of the commission pie, all while supporting a robust framework for training, support, and advanced marketing. Customers love our very transparent approach to pricing, and as a salesperson, you'll enjoy knowing exactly what you're going to earn from any sale - it’s straightforward, effective, and simply better.

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Grow your database, build your empire, and forge your real estate career on your terms.

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Tools Crafted For Your Career

Our agent programme is designed to create enriching experiences that extend beyond textbooks. We believe that education is more than acquiring facts; it is about building resilience, fostering empathy, and igniting a lifelong passion for knowledge.

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Elevate Your Career with Expert Guidance

We believe that to help someone be the best they can be, there needs to be someone great guiding them. Our mentorship programme connects you directly with industry pioneers, offering unparalleled guidance. Here, learning is personal, powerful, and tailored to your aspirations..

Leads Toolkit

Amplify Your Impact with Cutting-Edge Tools

Transform your digital marketing strategy into a powerhouse of lead generation. Our Leads Toolkit is designed to streamline your online presence, making it easier than ever to attract and win listings. From SEO to social media, we’ve got the tech and tricks to turn your digital efforts into a magnet for success.

Tall Poppy Assist

Focus on Sales, We've Got Your Back

Say goodbye to the time-consuming admin tasks that pull you away from your selling game. With Tall Poppy Assist, our professional in-house support team becomes your secret weapon, handling the behind-the-scenes details with efficiency and expertise. Embrace the freedom to focus fully on what you do best—connecting clients with their dream homes.

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