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Tim Macklin

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Christchurch / Christchurch South

About me

When you meet Tim you will immediately be impressed by his charm and enthusiasm. With his ability to listen to what the seller wants to achieve, you will quickly realise that his interest in people and property is what makes him the perfect person to sell your home.

With 7 years’ experience working as a Loss Adjuster handling complicated EQC and Insurance claims, his extensive experience dealing with Engineers and Lawyers means you are in very capable hands. His natural calming influence ensures that people don’t lose focus of what they are trying to achieve, and makes both selling and buying a lovely experience for everyone involved. Being transparent and loyal to customers is number one in Tim’s book – the client always comes first. In his owns words “I just love selling, I’ve been selling my whole life”.

Backed by Tall Poppy’s centralised Head Office and smart use of technology, Tall Poppy Christchurch South Franchise Owner Tim prides himself on offering a personalised and results-driven approach. You know when you are dealing with him that you're dealing with someone professional - clients are educated and astute and are always treated as such.

He wants you to see value for your fees and demands from himself great service above all else. A fresh, innovative, honest, Kiwi approach to Real Estate, that’s one of the many attributes that Tall Poppy brings to you.

You will love Tim’s sound and intelligent approach to property; combined with his happy, outgoing and fun personality, he says “Let’s Talk”, so have a chat to see what Tall Poppy can offer you.

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