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Paul Doney & Sabine Chong

Combine the power of technical expertise with unmatched style and negotiation prowess through our partnership. Our diverse backgrounds in management, fashion, media, and property investment equip us with a holistic approach to selling your home. Paul's media and health sector experience ensures a smooth, efficient process, tailored to meet the complex needs of today's property market. Sabine adds a touch of elegance and effective customer engagement, leveraging her award-winning sales background and global perspective. Together, we promise not just a transaction, but an experience that blends professionalism with the personal touch you deserve.

Sabine Chong & Paul Doney sells properties in Wellington

Embrace a seamless real estate journey with Paul Doney and Sabine Chong, a team where technical savvy meets stylistic excellence. Our collective expertise spans management, fashion, media, and property investment, offering you a unique blend of style, service, and efficiency. From precise market navigation to elegant presentation and potent negotiation, we cover every angle. Outside the office, our passions include art, and exploring the great outdoors with our son, Xervier, reflecting our well-rounded approach to life and real estate.


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About Sabine Chong & Paul Doney

Paul Doney and Sabine Chong are a dynamic sales team who bring together a suite of skills to better market and sell your property while making the whole process easy for you.

They combine technical real estate skills with property investor savvy and backgrounds in management, fashion and media. The result is a team that brings style, service and negotiation skills to the table for you.

Paul is the technical half of the team that will be all over the complex needs of the sales process, providing everything that you and your buyers will need to make the process work smoothly and efficiently. Paul has a background in media and health that helps him relate to people and get the message across to the right market.

Sabine is the styling, customer relations and negotiation half of the team. Sabine’s background in five-star hotel management and the fashion and cosmetic industries make her the perfect person to run a campaign while bringing style and business acumen to the process. Sabine is a national award-winning salesperson in the cosmetics industry, where her charm, poise and immense people skills propelled her to the top of her field. In addition, Sabine speaks multiple languages and has lived on 4 continents, so she brings a world of experience and sophistication to everything she does.

When they’re not busy selling your home, Paul and Sabine enjoy pursuits like art, sailing, swimming, cycling and hiking with their son, Xervier.

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Very professional, good marketing strategy. Excellent communication and quick to respond.

Our strengths

What people love about working with us

Technical Expertise and Efficiency

Paul's media and health background ensure a smooth, well-managed sales process tailored to meet complex market demands.

Stylistic Elegance and Customer Engagement

Sabine's fashion and hotel management experience infuse each campaign with style and sophistication, enhancing property appeal.

Award-winning Negotiation Skills

Sabine's success in the fashion and 5-star hotel industries showcases her exceptional people skills and negotiation prowess, guaranteeing the best outcomes.

Global Experience and Multilingual Capability

Sabine's multilingual abilities and international living experience bring a diverse perspective and understanding, broadening buyer appeal.

Sabine Chong & Paul Doney’s sold properties


4 Essex Street
Wellington City, Aro Valley


4 Ravi Street
Wellington City, Khandallah


1/10 Tuapapa Street
Wellington City, Johnsonville


3/14 College Street
Wellington City, Te Aro


16 Boeing Way, Newlands
Wellington City, Newlands


6/31 Homebush Road
Wellington City, Khandallah

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