Monica Cairns

Business Owner / Sales Consultant

Monica Cairns

Boasting an extensive background in advertising, marketing, and promotion, I possess the expertise required to effectively showcase properties. My approach involves collaborating with skilled local professionals to craft targeted marketing strategies that highlight the unique value of your most significant asset. By utilizing proven, multifaceted, and multiplatform methods, I ensure your property stands out in the current market. My recent acquisition of the Invercargill franchise underlines my commitment to expanding Tall Poppy’s presence, emphasizing unparalleled customer service and results-driven performance. With a passion and drive that are unmatched, I’m eager to discuss how we can achieve the best possible outcome for your property.

Monica sells properties in Southland

Specialising in real estate with a strong foundation in advertising and marketing, I understand the importance of presenting your property in its best light. My strategic partnerships with talented local businesses enable me to offer targeted marketing solutions that highlight your property's unique attributes. As the new owner of the Invercargill franchise, I'm dedicated to enhancing Tall Poppy's impact in the region by focusing on exceptional customer service and achieving outstanding results. My passion for real estate and commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind my approach. If you're considering selling your property, let's connect and discuss how we can turn your real estate goals into reality.


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About Monica

With a wealth of experience in advertising, marketing, and promotion, I understand the importance of effectively showcasing your property.

I've partnered with skilled local professionals to ensure that we have all the necessary tools to provide clients with targeted marketing strategies tailored to their properties—their most valuable assets. Utilizing proven methods across multiple platforms, we aim for optimal results in today's dynamic real estate market, fueled by an unparalleled passion and dedication.

Leading the Invercargill franchise, I'm thrilled to expand the Tall Poppy brand and mission, assembling a team committed to exemplary customer service and delivering outstanding outcomes.

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Very easy to work with and super helpful with anything.

My strengths

What people love about working with me

Expertise in Marketing

A rich background in advertising and promotion ensures your property receives the visibility it deserves.

Collaborative Approach

Partnership with local professionals to deliver comprehensive, targeted marketing strategies.


A proven track record of utilizing effective methods across various platforms to achieve optimal outcomes.

Commitment to Excellence

Owning the Invercargill franchise reflects a dedication to expanding Tall Poppy's reach and a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and successful results.

Monica’s sold properties


84 Kildare Drive
Invercargill City, Waikiwi


145 Gimblett Street
Invercargill City, Waikiwi


71 Kakapo Street
Invercargill City, Waikiwi


40 Inglewood Road
Invercargill City, Hawthorndale


198 McQuarrie Street
Invercargill City, Kingswell


45 Charles Street
Invercargill, Grasmere

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