Keegan O'Malley

Sales Consultant

Keegan O'Malley

Keegan's diverse professional background, transitioning from carpentry to leading a sales team before venturing into real estate, has equipped him with a unique blend of skills and insights. With six years in real estate, his approach is built on a foundation of prioritising client needs, exceptional communication, and tailored property strategies. His dedication to honesty, loyalty, and a client-first philosophy, combined with his expertise in marketing and negotiation, sets him apart in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. Keegan's commitment to providing value and understanding, derived from his own saying, 'If I'm asking it from you, you're already getting it from me,' ensures a trust-based, successful partnership with his clients.

Keegan sells properties in Witherlea, Redwoodtown, Springlands, Blenheim, Mayfield, Renwick, Fairhall, Havelock, Okiwi Bay,

Keegan combines an extensive background in carpentry, sales, and real estate to offer unparalleled service in Adelaide's southern suburbs. Over eight years, he has honed his skills in understanding client needs, communication, marketing, and negotiation, underpinned by a strong commitment to honesty and loyalty. Keegan's approach to real estate is client-centered, crafting bespoke property plans for smooth transitions. Known for his ability to build and lead successful teams, his professionalism and dedication to his clients' best interests make him a trusted advisor and a standout real estate professional.

About Keegan

Over the past eight years, Keegan has immersed himself in various sales and marketing roles, with the last six years dedicated to the field of real estate. His professional journey began in the carpentry industry, where he honed his skills in both residential and commercial property. In his early 20s, Keegan made a significant career shift into sales and marketing, swiftly progressing to the point where he established and led his own sales team of 12 representatives.

Seeking a new challenge, Keegan took on the real estate industry in 2016. Committed to mastering the intricacies of the field, he obtained his real estate licence and spent a year with a high-volume team, absorbing valuable insights. Under the mentorship of an accomplished real estate sales consultant, Keegan learned the ropes and successfully built a team specialising in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.

Keegan's professional philosophy is straightforward: prioritize client needs by carefully listening and assessing their requirements, ultimately crafting a tailored property plan to facilitate a smooth transition. His clients consistently appreciate his exceptional communication skills, and adeptness in marketing and negotiation, as well as his unwavering commitment to honesty and loyalty—a combination he considers fundamental in the realm of real estate. As Keegan succinctly puts it, "If I've earned it from you, you're already getting it from me."

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"Loyalty - If I've earned it with you, you're already getting it from me."

My strengths

What people love about working with me

Diverse Background

A unique journey from carpentry to sales and finally real estate, providing a broad perspective and valuable skills.

Client-Centered Approach

Keegan prioritizes understanding and meeting client needs with tailored strategies, ensuring satisfaction.

Communication and Negotiation

Exceptional communication skills and adept negotiation tactics, facilitating effective property transactions.

Honesty and Loyalty

A foundational commitment to honesty and loyalty, creating trust and reliability in all his professional relationships.

Keegan’s sold properties


117 Hospital Road
Marlborough, Witherlea

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