Jim Taare

Sales Consultant

Jim Taare

Jim embodies the epitome of real estate professionalism with over 7 years of dedicated service in a diverse property market, including residential, rural, and commercial sectors. His commitment to honesty, integrity, and innovation sets him apart, offering a comprehensive understanding of the local market paired with an innovative approach. With a background in mediation, Jim excels in negotiations, ensuring a seamless and empowering experience for his clients. As a trusted advisor, Jim combines open communication and a forward-thinking mindset to achieve outstanding results, making him the ideal partner for your real estate journey.

Jim sells properties in Upper Hutt

Jim is a seasoned real estate professional with a passion for delivering excellence across residential, rural, and commercial properties. His 7-year journey is marked by a genuine commitment to client satisfaction, honesty, and integrity. Jim’s approachable demeanor and expertise in negotiations create a stress-free, transparent process for buyers and sellers alike. Leveraging his skills in mediation and conflict resolution, along with the latest technologies, Jim is adept at navigating the complexities of the market, ensuring his clients are well-informed and confident. Choose Jim for a personalized, results-driven real estate experience.


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About Jim

Introducing Jim, a seasoned professional with a passion for real estate and a commitment to excellence. Jim has been an integral part of the real estate landscape for over 7 years, specialising in the dynamic market of residential, rural, leaky and commercial properties.

His journey in the industry has been defined by a genuine dedication to his clients and a reputation for honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Jim’s deep understanding of the local market is complemented by his innovative approach to real estate.

With a warm and approachable demeanour, Jim fosters genuine connections with his clients. His goal is to create a seamless and stress-free experience, guiding clients through every step of the real estate journey. Jim's commitment to open communication and transparency ensures that his clients are well-informed and empowered to make confident decisions.

Drawing on his extensive experience, Jim is adept at navigating the intricacies of negotiations. Prior to his career in real estate, he honed his skills in mediation and conflict resolution which equipped him with a unique perspective and a strategic mindset.

Jim is not just a real estate professional; he is a trusted advisor and advocate for his clients. Whether you are buying or selling, Jim's personalised and results-driven approach sets him apart. Embracing a forward-thinking mindset, Jim leverages the latest technologies and market trends to stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

If you're seeking a dedicated, knowledgeable, and personable real estate partner, Jim is ready to turn your real estate goals into reality. Experience the difference of working with a true professional who goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional service.

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Jim was easy to relate to and guided us through the sales process with leadership and kindness.

My strengths

What people love about working with me

Diverse Market Expertise

Specialises in a wide range of property sectors including, residential, rural, new builds, commercial and leaky buildings, offering tailored strategies for each.

Strong Negotiation Skills

Enhanced by a background in mediation and conflict resolution ensuring the best outcomes for his clients.

Innovative and Forward-Thinking

Utilises the latest technologies and market trends to stay ahead in the industry.

Trusted Advisor

Known for his integrity, professionalism, and commitment to open communication, Jim is a true advocate for his clients.

Jim’s sold properties


2/1242 Fergusson Drive
Upper Hutt City, Brown Owl


56b Ward Street
Upper Hutt City, Trentham


44 Oregon Drive
Upper Hutt City, Maoribank


11 Amber Grove
Upper Hutt City, Birchville


1240A Fergusson Drive
Upper Hutt City, Brown Owl


11 Amber Grove
Upper Hutt City, Birchville

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