Debi Pratt

Business Owner & Sales Consultant

Debi Pratt

Debi Pratt, with over 25 years of unmatched real estate experience, brought the first Tall Poppy franchise to Christchurch. With a focus on making things stress-free, Debi loves how Tall Poppy provides a comprehensive free marketing package included in their fee. Debi's commitment to personal service, without delegating to others, ensures clients receive her expert, direct touch at every step. You will enjoy Debi’s honest, no-nonsense approach and high-quality service.

Debi sells properties in All over Christchurch

Debi Pratt brings three decades of real estate wisdom to Christchurch, revolutionising the market with Tall Poppy’s client-first model. From selling over 200 properties in Auckland to leading luxury and legacy brands, Debi’s journey back to Christchurch was driven by a desire to offer fair, transparent services. She personally manages each client's journey, from open homes to final sales, ensuring unparalleled expertise and the 'Debi Pratt touch'. With Tall Poppy, Debi combines her vibrant personality and in-depth knowledge to deliver an unmatched property selling experience.


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About Debi

Debi has been in the Real Estate industry for almost 30 years. Having started at age 19, she has a comprehensive across-the-board knowledge and experience, that enables her to be a valuable asset to her clients when making property decisions. After 20 years of selling and having ownership of a top franchise in Christchurch, she moved to Auckland where she sold over 200 properties in a five-year period. She then joined the ranks of high-level management as the North Island Manager for a luxury Real Estate brand and filled a contract position as general manager for a legacy brand setting up and rebranding what is now one of Auckland’s leading franchises.

Debi returned to her hometown of Christchurch in early 2018 where she set up the first Tall Poppy franchise for the region. After realising the client fatigue around unnecessary selling fees, she looked for a forward-thinking alternative to the corporate real estate environment. Tall Poppy was really starting to make inroads into an industry that is typically tough to crack. On investigation, Debi quickly realised that this model was where real estate was heading. The salespeople all work from home reducing the massive overheads of flash offices and top-heavy management structures that clients have traditionally been forced to pay for. She has built a team of autonomous, like-minded salespeople as well as providing her own clients with the personalised ‘Debi Pratt touch’ they love. Debi doesn’t believe in forming a ‘team’ and handing her clients over to the ‘juniors’. You will find that she almost always hosts her own open homes and client contact will usually be with Debi directly.

With New Zealand’s #1 free marketing package being made available to all clients, Tall Poppy pay for a comprehensive marketing package of carefully researched products to maximise property exposure; they also acknowledge that consumer behaviour has moved almost entirely away from print and don’t waste their own or client’s money on this dying medium. They provide a dedicated Visual Content Specialist that is employed by the company to facilitate all the digital photography, videography, drone footage, virtual staging, and floor plans. Working with the brand exclusively, they are constantly going the extra mile to showcase Tall Poppy listings at their absolute best.

“We are in a changing landscape in the Real Estate industry. Clients are educated and discerning. They want to see value for their fees but still demand a high level of service. A great salesperson will always be needed in these complex transactions and being able to bring the fresh, innovative, honest, Kiwi approach that is Tall Poppy to Christchurch is extremely exciting,” said Debi

You will love Debi’s sound and intelligent approach to property; combined with her happy, outgoing and fun personality, and you’ll love having a chat to her to see what Tall Poppy can offer you.

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A highly experienced agent who makes clients instantly feel they are in good hands

My strengths

What people love about working with me

Extensive Experience

Over 25 years in real estate, offering deep industry knowledge and insight.

Personalised Service

Debi personally oversees each aspect of the sale, ensuring quality and consistency.

Innovative Marketing

Leads with NZ’s #1 free marketing package, focusing on digital exposure without wasting resources on outdated methods.

Client-Centred Approach

Focuses on reducing costs and maximising value for clients, challenging traditional real estate norms.

Debi’s sold properties


153 Ashgrove Terrace
Christchurch City, Somerfield


74 Burwood Road
Christchurch City, Burwood


13 Gresham Terrace
Christchurch City, New Brighton


53 Muir Avenue
Christchurch City, Halswell


13A Claremont Avenue
Christchurch City, Papanui


76 Conway Street
Christchurch City, Somerfield

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