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What Role Will Real Estate Agents Play in the Changing Property Market?

Globally, innovation and disruption is changing the way homes are bought and sold. In the US there are online agencies and iBuyers (who purchase homes from a vendor, before selling on) that are fast gaining traction.

Mike DelPrete, Independent Director of Tall Poppy, has recently released new research that takes a closer look at emerging models in real estate and has found that despite these innovations and advances, real estate agents will remain an important part of the home buying and selling process.

He says agents are now acting as unbiased expert advisors.

“Agents are helping people understand the many different ways of buying and selling. The successful agents and companies will be the ones that educate and empower consumers to make the choice that’s right for them”.

Even if technology could replace agents, consumers still want a person to work with them.

“Despite the fast-changing technological advances, consumers still want a person to help them through the process,” says Mike DelPrete.

Smart agents are embracing new, disruptive models and making them their own. Real estate is becoming more complex - but the role of an expert advisor has never been more important - something our entire Tall Poppy team prides itself on delivering to our customers.

Mike DelPrete is a Global Real Estate Tech Strategist and an Independent Director of Tall Poppy Real Estate.