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Tech the Tall Poppy Difference

The way homes are sold is changing. Gone are the days where agents need to be in an office, tied to a phone at a desk to do their job.  Not only is technology making our lives simpler and less complicated, but it’s also evolving the way Kiwis buy and sell their homes.

One question we’re often asked is how we can deliver some of the best results to our clients, but with fees that are fair and some of the best in the industry.  Technology is one of the tools we’ve used to help us deliver more than $30 million in savings to Kiwis -money people would have otherwise paid in real estate fees to sell their homes with other agents. Being smart and innovative with technology, we can charge substantially less but deliver a better service.

So, how does technology help us do it?

It enables us to be flexible.

Our salespeople don’t need an office to do their job.  We’ve been big believers from the start about offering a flexible model, one which allows them to work wherever sellers or buyers need them. 

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are our offices.  When we remove overheads that come from physical offices (rent, power, water, staff costs) we’re cutting unnecessary costs that would otherwise be passed onto sellers.

It enables us to simplify how we work

Since 2017 we’ve doubled our footprint across New Zealand - and we want to be available in all regions by 2020.  We do all of this from our HQ on the Kapiti Coast.

Our skilled staff are based in one place and support all of our salespeople from there. We make use of video conferencing, and online platforms to connect with our team no matter where they are. 

We love being the first alternative real estate option offering fairer fees, but the best service, for sellers in New Zealand.  We are constantly thinking about how we can continue to offer the best service to our clients - particularly when it comes using technology to deliver outstanding sales results and service - and delivering more savings to Kiwis.