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Want to get top dollar for your property?

Here are 7 handy tips to help you make a great first impression to attract a larger audience of interested buyers, drive up demand – and ultimately achieve the maximum price for your home.

1. First impressions count

  • Clear away any rubble, remove the wheelie bin and clear pathways of leaves and rubbish
  • Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and add a splash of colour with flowers and bright leafed plants, especially around the entrance area

2. If it’s broke, fix it

  • Cracking paint, broken shutters and sagging gutters give the impression of a neglected property and are worth taking the time to fix
  • Pressure wash the exterior of the house and wipe down the front door

3. The dollars are in the detail

  • Painting can have as much as a 150% return on investment. If you’re thinking of splashing out, don’t splash out on colour.  Best to stick with neutral tones. Choosing a bold palette may alienate prospective buyers, and too much colour contrast can distract
  • Make every room sparkle with a top-to-toe clean, from skirting boards, to walls and windows. 

4. Bring in the professionals

  • Don’t have time or a design eye?  Then consider a professional home stager. This may seem like an unnecessary expense, but rearranging existing décor, suggesting a de-clutter or bringing in additional décor styling pieces may mean achieving a higher sales price (and making the expense worth it!)

5. Take the personal out of personality

  • A prospective buyer will be wanting to imagine living in the house, so remove some of your personal belongings like family portraits and collectibles.  The less personal the easier to reimagine the space.

6. Make a fido-free-zone

  • The presence of a dog or cat can be a distraction for potential buyers who may suffer fear of animals or be allergic, so it may be worth considering a pet sitter.

7. A sensory experience

  • Remember to engage all the senses when presenting your property for sale. A clean home, the inviting smell of freshly brewed coffee or some home baking and some well placed flowers can help to make all the difference.

Remember, your house will never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you are looking to sell, we would welcome doing a FREE fee saving appraisal for you.