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Spring Forward - Some Handy Household Reminders

The last Sunday in September signals the start of daylight savings in New Zealand. Time to ‘spring your clocks an hour forward’ to longer daylight hours.

It is also the perfect opportunity to set yourself a regular bi-annual reminder for some routine household jobs. So, when you change your clocks here are five things we recommend you add to your ‘to do’ list at the same time;

Carpet Cleaning 

A fresh, clean carpet is not only good for overall visual appeal, it is also healthy for you and your family. Professionally cleaning your carpets will help to remove dust mites and bacteria. It will also help to extend the lifetime of your carpet.

Smoke Detectors

It is essential that your smoke detectors are in good working order. You should be testing them monthly, and twice a year vacuum or dust them to help reduce false alarms. Click here for some helpful smoke alarm information from Fire and Emergency NZ.

Emergency Supplies

Living in New Zealand, we need to be prepared in the event of a disaster. Being prepared could mean anything from a well-stocked household first aid kit, to emergency survival items or a grab bag. Use this 6-monthly reminder to check ‘use by’ dates, replace batteries and top-up the items that may have been used.

Clean Gutters

Cleaning your house gutters of leaves, dirt and debris will mean that water will continue to flow properly and away from your house. A clogged gutter means that the water will collect and overflow, resulting in possible damage to your property.

Deck Maintenance

With little or no use in Winter, your deck may be covered in dirt and grime from falling leaves, and general non-use over the cooler months. This is the perfect bi-annual reminder to give it a good scrub, which will also help extend its lifespan. Your local hardware store will be able to recommend effective deck cleaning products.