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Selling Your Home Checklist

Real estate agent or private sale

You might be weighing up whether or not to sell your home through an agent or privately. Make sure you have considered the pros and cons of both options before you choose - there might be something you missed. There are several methods of sale in New Zealand when it comes to selling the property. If you’re using a real estate agent, they can walk you through these. If you’re selling privately, investigate all your options thoroughly to choose the method that best fits your needs.

When engaging a real estate agent to help you sell your home, it’s important to choose someone that not only has great experience in your area but someone you trust and want to work with. You might be lucky and have several agents that are dedicated to your area. Remember, the agent will represent you during the selling process, so finding a good fit is key!

How to get a property valuation

Stuck on how much you should list your property for? Determining the market value of your property is the first step you should take when selling your home. A property appraisal is a great way to establish the current market value of a property. The appraisal takes into account historical data and general market knowledge to help get an approximate dollar value for your home.

Getting a free property appraisal will ensure your property is listed at a price that is reflective of the market and the home itself.

LIM Reports

A Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is prepared by your local council upon your request. This report provides you with summarised information about a property at the time the report’s produced.

The report should include the following information:

  • Relevant land features, such as downhill movement and land erosion

  • The possibility of flooding and potentially contaminating substances

  • Council held information regarding public/private stormwater and sewerage drains

  • Information on rates

  • District Plan classifications in relation to the building or land

  • Orders, consents, notices or requisitions that might affect the land or buildings in the area

  • Anything else your local Council thinks is relevant

If the buyer does their homework correctly, they should obtain this report. As a seller, you should be aware that a LIM report is a key reference point for potential buyers of your home. Make sure you’re aware of its contents so you don’t get any surprises and can deal with any necessary issues prior to sale.

When to get legal advice

There are a lot of papers to sign when you’re selling a home. Missing out a crucial legal step could get you in a lot of trouble, so it’s a great idea to bring a lawyer or conveyancer on board to make sure all is fine before you sign on the dotted line.

You can choose this legal representative according to your budget and how complex the sales transaction is going to be. Do a bit of research on the lawyers or conveyancers first.

Enlisting a lawyer or conveyancer is a great idea but more importantly, make sure the real estate agency you choose is fully compliant and has an unblemished Real Estate Authority (REA) record. If you are unsure, double check your agency is listed on the Real Estate Authority’s Public Register.

Selling your New Zealand home checklist:

  • Make any required small fixes/improvements to your home - don’t worry about re-doing the entire kitchen, small refinements can make a world of difference. Remember to reference the LIM report!

  • Get a free property appraisal to set a selling price.

  • Engage a lawyer or conveyancer to help you through the selling process.

  • Declutter your home - if you can’t get rid of certain items, organise for your belongings to be stored in a temporary container.

  • It’s show time! Get your home ready for open home days - are you going to do it yourself or organise for a professional to stage your home?

  • Get ready for the move. We recommend: boxes, boxes, and more boxes!

Tall Poppy are your Real Estate experts and would love to help you along this journey. We’ve got more blogs to come that will break down the selling process and make sure you’re well equipped with the right info. Feel free to get in touch today if you want some support.