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New Tall Poppy business partner is a man who likes to move fast.

Tall Poppy’s newest business partner is a man who likes to move fast - in fact, his background in motorsport - both jet boating and car racing - indicate the faster the better.

With a slew of titles and achievements under his belt, Gary Sutherland is a man who doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk too. Not only does he spend his working life in real estate extolling the virtues of the beautiful Waitaki and Mackenzie regions, he’s spent his life getting out there and enjoying them too - often at pace.

Now though, he’s enjoying a different type of streamlining; and one he’s just as passionate about. As a Tall Poppy business partner and salesperson, Gary says he has access to the most forward-thinking and refreshing innovations he’s seen in his more than 30 years of real estate.

“The traditional office-based real estate model hasn't really changed in my three decades in the industry, but thanks to Tall Poppy, and as proven by our growing team, I now know an office is totally unnecessary,” he says.

“Cloud-based systems and the ability to work remotely gives the flexibility to better serve both vendors and buyers, and it’s definitely much more streamlined”.

While it might seem unlikely there are many similarities between motorsport and real estate, Gary says there are lessons to be learned from the former that have helped the latter.


“The biggest one is preparation,” he says.

“Whether you’re building an engine and getting ready for a race, or setting up for a big real estate presentation, preparation is the key to success”.

Also, just like when he used to race, Gary says he has full control of the process to ensure the best outcome.

“With Tall Poppy, I have full control of my listings on my vendors’ behalf,” he explains.

“It means that you need to perform from listing to sale and through all that happens in between, but this is so refreshing. I also love the fact there’s a fair flat fee with no surprises, which is what vendors want, and with salespeople being no worse off because of it. Unlike in a motorsport race, everyone’s a winner!”

Gary credits his career in real estate as a solid foundation and good work-life balance, allowing him to take part in enjoying hobbies and getting involved with the incredible outdoor environment found in the southern regions. Now he’s working with Tall Poppy’s unique model, that balance is even better.


I've always enjoyed the technological advances and innovations of jet boating or motorsport, so it was only natural I'd look for those attributes in my career too," Gary says.

“I've found it in Tall Poppy, and am now working with a forward-thinking, tech-based brand with great centralised support".

"What really excited me about joining the company is that you can be an individual running your own business from home without the constraints of office time, office politics and office distractions, as well as constant innovations happening - it really is the future".

Now Gary's hobbies are a little slower-paced; he spends time with his grandkids and gets out to explore his backyard and beyond whenever he can.

“Otago and Canterbury just have so much to do, and as for rivers, lakes and mountains, it’s hard to beat in my opinion," he says.

“I’ve lived in Otago/Mackenzie my entire life apart from a few years in Southland prior to starting in real estate more than 30 years ago, and even though I'm not roaring up the rivers in a jet boat anymore, it's still a thrill for me to be in this amazing place and to help share it with others who are looking to make it home".

For more information, contact Gary Sutherland on 027 432 6615