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Kevin Shuker - Bringing business acumen to real estate career

Kevin Shuker is a man who knows how to grow businesses - last year he took the reins of a motorhome and caravan business and deftly doubled it - even though tourism-based businesses have been some of the most impacted by Covid-19. 

Having recently joined Tall Poppy’s Tauranga South team, Kevin is bringing his four decades of business skill and his Midas touch, and turning his hand to the real estate industry - a move he says makes his career feel fulfilled. 

Sales, he says, ultimately comes down to the “old-fashioned values” of gaining respect and trust from clients by being polite, friendly and knowledgeable, first and foremost. 

“I’ve been selling for the past 40 years and was brought up and trained to always build a relationship with your clients while you sold to or for them,” he says. 

“To really succeed, you must work hard to achieve the best result for both parties in the deal”. 

With a combination of owning his own businesses, as well as consulting with others to help them build their businesses and brands, Kevin has vast experience in every part of the sales process. He started out in commercial furniture before founding a manufacturing business that he ran successfully for 20 years, seeing an impressive 30 to 40 percent year-on-year growth throughout.  

A move to the Bay of Plenty in 2015 saw him shift focus onto helping others achieve those levels of growth, but he missed the interactions and relationship-building aspects of selling - and the real estate industry beckoned. 


“Real estate is probably the best structured selling environment you can find as a salesman,” he says. 

“A professional salesman needs the contact of people and product to keep them active and to allow them to shine. I looked at the whole industry, and the offerings of different real estate brands before being drawn to Tall Poppy. 

“They just do things a little differently -  and I felt their business strategies and beliefs were progressive and exciting, as well as the fact they are a rapidly growing brand - which is important to me”. 

Kevin says he’s had a supported and easy transition into real estate and values the fact he can bring his “old fashioned values” into New Zealand’s most cutting-edge real estate company, and it’s a perfect fit! 

“It’s a privilege to be able to remain active and participate in an industry where sales skills are respected and the excitement of the sale still exists,” he says.