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It’s All In the Details - How Tall Poppy Is Big on Service

Dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s is essential when you’re buying or selling a home. Purchasing a house is often the most significant investment you will make. When hundreds and thousands of dollars are on the line, double-checking the finer details now will save you a headache later.

We love details. They’re important to us and our team, whether you’re a seller or a buyer - we want to ensure you have all the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision for you and your family.

Three Points of Contact

We use an independent surveyor to contact people selling their home three times during the sales process - at the start, during and at the end.

David Graves, the original founder of Tall Poppy, says doing this ensures our sellers are happy and comfortable at every step of the process and with their agent.

“Many people love this contact. They are often amazed that we are prepared to put our unmentionables on the line and encourage criticism and feedback”.

David Graves says sellers are usually very honest about their experience, which gives Tall Poppy the opportunity to continually improve its service.

“Our three points of contact have given us a reputation for being transparent, honest and willing to accept criticism and learn from it. Our agents know their clients are to be surveyed and I think this is a major contributor to our high standard of service in real estate.”

Triple Checking Paperwork

We also take a detailed hands-on approach to completing all the necessary paperwork for a seller or a buyer.

David Graves says salespeople new to Tall Poppy say they are surprised at the lengths we go to, ultimately ensuring sellers and purchasers are given in-depth advice. For example, if you’re purchasing a property, you are required to cross off and sign on a contract if you choose to not source a builder’s report.

“This creates a safe trading environment for sellers, buyers and salespeople”, says David Graves.

Where to next?

Technology is the Tall Poppy difference, and our approach to ‘paperwork’ continually evolves.

For example, we have no printed forms - we only have ‘live’ forms, allowing us to update information as we need to (depending on industry events), and when we identify an opportunity to improve something.

Keen to hear more about how we do things differently? Check out this video from Clare and Ruth Barrett who talk about our unique approach to real estate.