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Home Staging in NZ - Get your home ready for staging

Home staging is pretty much exactly as it sounds - you’re essentially getting your house ready for “opening night”, or in real estate terms, an open home. For performers, this might mean costumes, hair, and makeup, whereas we’re talking about getting your home in top shape for prospective buyers.

If you’re up to this exciting part of the selling process, you’ve hopefully covered off the more nitty-gritty tasks first, such as getting your local salesperson in for a free property appraisal.

Why should you stage your home when selling?


When it comes to presenting your home for sale, simply decluttering and giving everything a quick clean may not be enough to convince potential buyers. House staging should enhance the perceived value of the property and help aid the purchase decision.  You want to focus a buyer’s attention on the positives of your home.

If you’re new to home staging or wondering how it all works, we’ve put together our top home staging tips, to ensure your home is a crowd pleaser come open day:

1. Cull your Clutter

Clutter can make homes feel cramped and small. Professional house stagers recommend halving the amount of furniture in each room before an open home - so get culling! The fewer knick-knacks there are around, the more spacious your home will feel. Kick off the packing process early, and store your personal items in a temporary container.

2. Depersonalise the Decor

Sure, the homemade photo collage in your hallway reminds you of fond family memories. But for prospective buyers, personal items are a reminder that they are viewing a house of another family. Home staging is about creating a clean slate, which can be easily customised by a new buyer.

3. Crack into Cleaning

We’re not talking a quick dust and vacuum - it’s time for some serious deep cleaning! Your bathrooms should be sparkling, appliances free of handprints and carpets freshly shampooed. Either hire a professional cleaner to get the job done, or rally the relatives for a full day of scrubbing.  

4. Neutralise your Nest

Everyone has different tastes. Stay away from extremely bright, dominating colors and stick to a neutral palette with hints of color instead. Taupes, whites, greys, and beiges are home stagers’ best friend.

A minimal, contemporary style will appeal to the highest number of buyers possible. Painting is an easy and inexpensive way to streamline your property’s overall look and feel. Or, head down to your local Kmart for some cheap and cheerful pillows and throws to pull the overall look together.

5. Set the Scene

Home staging is not only about finessing the interior, but taking it a step further to evoke a homely feel, so buyers develop an emotional attachment - it’s buyers psychology 101!

Always view things from the buyers perspective. What will they be looking for? Perhaps they love to cook - leave some fresh fruit or ingredients on display in the kitchen. Or maybe they need an office - perhaps you could convert the small third bedroom into a cosy study.

Plants and flowers are an easy, affordable way to freshen up space and add some color. On the open home days, head to your local flower shop and pick up a bouquet to be displayed in a vase on your benchtop. Well placed details make all the difference.

If you have no idea where to begin, why not invite a friend or family member over who hasn’t spent much time in your home. Ask them what areas they love and what spaces they aren’t fond of. Sometimes an outside point of view is exactly what you’ll need!

How much does home staging cost?

If you’re time poor or need the help of an expert, why not hire a professional home stager? Most home staging companies offer an initial consultation, which may come at a cost. This consultation is an opportunity for you to discuss a design direction that fits within your budget.

In saying that, paying someone to stage your home for you isn’t always a necessity. Spending that money elsewhere might be your preference. The cost of staging without a professional will depend on your current furnishings, decorations and how much needs to be done to get the place looking slick and ready to sell. Home staging can be a bit costly, however, it is designed to achieve a higher selling price for your home and to help it stand out from others in the market.

An immaculately staged house is the perfect opportunity to get photos for your listing. Make sure the photos focus on the best areas of the house. Good listing photos could be the difference between someone attending or not attending an open home. Judging a book by its cover is very relevant in this scenario!

Selling your house can be a very busy time. Check out our selling your house checklist to make sure you cover off all of the relevant tasks prior to selling.

Or, get in touch with us if you are in the market to sell your home. One of our Tall Poppy sales professionals will be happy to help you through the selling process.