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Guitar Hero to Tall Poppy Real Estate

Technology and real estate increasingly go hand-in-hand.  Digital advances around the world are changing the way people buy and sell property, and the experience customers want.

From Tall Poppy Real Estate’s earliest days, we’ve put technology at the heart of what we offer, to lead the way in improving the experience for property sellers and buyers. Mike DelPrete - a specialist in global real estate technology and a Tall Poppy Board member – is helping guide our focus on technology, and the company’s rapid growth.

Sought after for commentary (and advice) on international trends and quoted in publications like Bloomberg and the Washington Post, Mike analyses property trends and data, specifically for new models in online real estate.

Call of Duty Sparks Love for Tech

Originally an entrepreneur, Mike began his career in tech as the owner of Agora Games.  Working on games including Guitar Hero and Call of Duty, Mike built up the company, selling it to sports giant Major League Gaming before the age of 30.

A sense of adventure originally brought Mike to New Zealand.  After living in the same part of the US for most of his life, he wanted his family to experience something new and different, leading him to take up a job at Trade Me as Head of Strategy.

“What attracted me to Trade Me was the role and incredible opportunity it offered. As Head of Strategy, it was my job to do what I love: helping grow new businesses. And with Trade Me's position in the market (basically every Kiwi is a member and uses it on a regular basis), I had an incredible foundation to do some great things.”

In 2016, Mike and his family moved back to the United States where he focused his work in the growing online real estate technology sector, attracted to the challenges it offered.

“At Trade Me, I had wide exposure to a number of classified and marketplace verticals: automotive, jobs, property, "stuff," dating, travel, etc. But I always kept coming back to property as the segment with the most opportunity, and frankly, the hardest problem to work on. I wanted a challenge.”

Wanting to work with another bold and innovative Kiwi company, Mike bought his expertise to Tall Poppy as a Board Member in August 2016.


Focus on The Right Ingredients

Mike says three key factors have contributed to Tall Poppy’s success, especially over the last 12 months: technology, customer experience and fairer fees.

“If what we offer is better for customers, it will protect us against any market fluctuations. People will always want to work with companies that offer the best deal and the best experience.” Mike believes New Zealand is following global trends, albeit a bit slower. Being willing to embrace technology is important.

“Companies willing to embrace new technology, put customers first, and offer a better experience represents the future of this industry."

You can find out more about Mike DelPrete here