Why are real estate sales fees so high?

12 December, 2017

Whilst all real estate companies are required by law to disclose in advance the amount they will charge you to sell your property, the actual amount is left to the discretion of the individual real estate company.

What are “standard” real estate fees in New Zealand?

The average fee in New Zealand is 3.95% up to $350,000 plus 2% thereafter plus $500 plus GST.

Why have real estate fees risen in line with real estate prices?

It’s a good question which we’ve been asking ourselves for 5 years. Property prices have doubled in the last 10 years and your fees have risen proportionally even though you’re getting the same level of service, exposure and negotiating power. We don’t think that’s fair. Tall Poppy has charged the same simple flat fee for 5 years without compromising on service or ethical values.

How do we keep our fees low?

Tall Poppy works from one Central office on the Kapiti Coast. We use digital smarts to connect with our people who are wherever you want them to be. Instead of paying high commissions to support an office in every town, we pass the savings on to you. We’ve saved more than 2,000 homeowners $18m+ and we intend to keep challenging the way real estate is done for good as we rapidly grow our presence around New Zealand.

Is there an easy way to calculate your fees with Tall Poppy and how much you will save compared to listing with other Real Estate companies?

Yes there is! We’re created a fee calculator which you can access by clicking here.

Find out more about how we structure our fees compared to the competition below.