Photographic and Printed Content

Your property needs to stand out from the rest. Selling a property is about capturing the story of your home - through stunning photography and beautifully crafted videos. At Tall Poppy, we believe in creating compelling narratives through stunning visuals and engaging content, ensuring every aspect of your property is showcased to perfection. Our dedicated team of Visual Content Specialists is at the forefront of bringing these narratives to life, providing unparalleled real estate photography services across New Zealand.

Excite Potential Buyers with Exceptional Content Where Every Visual Tells a Story.

Professional Photography: Pictures Tell The Story Of Your Home

Our nationwide team of Visual Content Specialists include highly skilled photographers who are not just passionate about photography but are experts in real estate visualisation. They use the latest technology to capture your property in the best light, ensuring every image reflects the beauty and uniqueness of your home. This dedication to quality sets the foundation for all our marketing efforts, making your property stand out from the rest.

Discover how our marketing plans incorporate professional photography to make your listing irresistible to potential buyers.

Videography & 3D Tours: Bringing Your Property to Life

In the era of digital house hunting, video and 3D tours have become essential tools in property marketing. Tall Poppy is proud to offer advanced video and 3D services for all properties, allowing potential buyers to explore and connect with your property from anywhere in the world. Our Visual Content Specialists create immersive experiences that not only showcase your property’s features but also convey the lifestyle it offers, making it easier for buyers to imagine themselves in the space.

Explore our marketing plans to see how videography and 3D tours can enhance your property’s appeal.

Printed and Digital Content: Your Property in Every Hand

The same way some people prefer reading a newspaper rather than reading the news online, some people prefer a brochure they can hold in their hand. Tall Poppy provides beautifully designed, informative brochures which serve as a tangible connection between your property and potential buyers, offering a comprehensive overview that complements the online experience. Crafted with care and attention to detail, our brochures ensure that the essence of your property is communicated effectively, appealing to a larger audience of buyers.

Learn more about how our marketing plans utilise both printed and digital collateral to capture the full potential of your property’s story.

A One-Stop Shop for Visual Excellence

At Tall Poppy we've built a reputation for excellence in real estate marketing by producing the best possible visual content. Every piece of content, from photography to videography and beyond, meets the highest quality standards. We have invested in the latest technology, and the best people to offer a comprehensive range of services designed to appeal to a broader audience, maximising your property's visibility and appeal.

Ready to showcase your property like never before?

Find out how our marketing plans leverage our Visual Content Specialist team to present your property in its best light.

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