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Premium Tall Poppy Photography.

Tall Poppy is leading the way by providing New Zealanders with premium Real Estate photography services. We have built a nationwide team of Visual Content Specialists, who are highly skilled and passionate photographers, videographers, 3D technicians and editors committed to providing a one-stop shop for all the photography content you need to make your property stand out from the rest.

With recent advancements in technology we can now offer video and 3D services to all properties across the country. Tall Poppy has designed photography and marketing packages that include a full range of services that give you the best chance of appealing to a larger audience of buyers. Incredibly, all of our photography services come with no upfront costs to you.

Photography & Floor Plans.

Tall Poppy's professional Visual Content Specialists are committed to delivering photography services that are second to none. Our photography will add emotional impact and increase engagement with your property and that will translate to more buyers and less time for your property on the market.

Floor plans are our most requested detail from active buyers and we utilise the latest technology to offer both 2D and 3D options.


Our licensed drone professionals offer you an incredible way to highlight your property’s unique features through stunning images that will showcase a landscape or demonstrate the surrounding location and scale of your property. 


Captured using professional equipment around dusk, twilight photography is excellent for showcasing exterior and interior views, emphasising intense, rich colours and dramatic shades of light, resulting in stunning photos and attracting more attention to your listing.