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Become Financially Independent

Sometimes people wait until the wave hits them and then wonder how others managed to catch it early. Tall Poppy is that wave in Real Estate. Franchise partnership opportunities are available for outstanding individuals with proven leadership and motivational skills, and for exceptional Real Estate Agents or salespeople who excel.

Build a financially independent future doing what you love doing while we do all the mundane but critical stuff.



A true partnership

The Tall Poppy franchise partnership is just that - a partnership. If you aren’t aligned with our thinking it will be obvious and you won’t want to join us – but if you are, we are a wicked bunch of high performers ready to work with you to achieve great things. Own the majority of the business, but because we have skin in the game, we are committed to making the relationship work and the business a success.

Here's Michael and Sam explaining the key differences and reasons why a Tall Poppy franchise partnership simply makes sense.

If a true partnership is what you’re after, let’s talk.Click to have a chat over coffee or complete the on page form. We’d love to hear from you.

A smarter infrastructure

We’ve built a modern, high performance, finance, administrative, marketing, software training & support hub so that you can concentrate on working in the business rather than on the business. Plus, our work environment reflects the way we do business: edgy, driven and logical.

We take care of compliance

Real estate laws and compliance can be a minefield in today’s world. You don’t need an agent license to be in business with us, but you do need to be able to support and lead a high-performance team. Everything we do has an expert behind it, driving it. Compliance is serious, so we treat it seriously. We have a tight programme of supervision, managed centrally to make you feel safe. The buck stops with us.

An open & collaborative team & culture

We’re a high-performance, modern, anti-hierarchical team who are committed to doing things smarter not harder and changing the world of real estate whilst having fun along the way.

The template for building a team

We recognise that building a high achieving team is what will make you successful. We provide you with the recruitment, induction, engagement, training & mentoring processes, practices & materials to fast track your success.

If the smarter way of doing business is what you’re after, let’s talk. Click to have a chat over coffee or complete the on page form. We’d love to hear from you.


A smarter business proposition

Your salespeople will earn more with Tall Poppy than most other real estate companies and therefore so will you. We’ve created an earnings calculator that makes it easy for existing salespeople and new recruits to work out their potential increased earnings with us.

  • Our business model works for real estate salespeople and gives them back their life.
  • Our customers love our proposition. In 5 years we’ve sold over 2,500 houses and saved Kiwis over $20m and counting.

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