Keri Hood

Sales Consultant

Keri Hood

Keri, rejoining the real estate industry with Tall Poppy Dunedin, is a seasoned professional with over 30 years in sales, bringing unparalleled customer service, negotiation, and communication skills. Praised by past vendors for her hard work, professionalism, and amazing people skills, Keri's passion for real estate shines. Her expertise in renovation and property management equips her with the knowledge to enhance property presentation and navigate investment properties with ease. Keri’s client-first approach, grounded in the belief that family and people are central to every transaction, ensures a tailored, caring, and efficient service. Entrust your property to Keri for a committed, honourable sale experience.

Keri sells properties in Dunedin, Clutha,

Keri, a valuable member of Tall Poppy Dunedin, returns to real estate with a rich 30-year background in sales. Renowned for her exceptional service and client-first philosophy, she has earned accolades for her professionalism, organisation, and empathy. Keri’s experience in property renovation and management, combined with her savvy marketing skills, positions her perfectly to showcase your property's potential. Understanding the significance of family and the impact of selling your home, she prioritises clear communication and respects your privacy and time. For a trusted, honourable approach to selling your property, Keri is your ideal real estate partner.


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About Keri

Returning to the industry after a small break, Keri is thrilled to be joining the team at Tall Poppy Dunedin.

With a sales career spanning over 30 years, Keri brings a wealth of expertise in customer service, negotiation, and communication to real estate.

Her enthusiasm for real estate is evident through feedback from past vendors such as, “hard-working, professional, enthusiastic, organised, genuine, knowledgeable, precise, excellent communicator, amazing people skills, kind, accommodating and down to earth”.

With a background in renovation and property management, Keri is well-versed in dealing with investors, navigating investment properties, project management and organisational skills making sure all is done to present any property in its best light.

With recent experience in marketing properties on all portals, Keri will show you the best ways to upgrade your listing, showcasing it at its best.

Keri puts her clients first; she believes that people and family are at the heart of every real estate transaction. As a devoted mother and wife, she comprehends the paramount importance of family time, privacy, and the necessity for clear communication and adherence to timelines when selling a property.

Being entrusted with the sale of a person's home is an immense honour, considering it is one of their most valuable assets.

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Absolute Star! Keri, thank you so much for all your hard work in selling our property.

My strengths

What people love about working with me

Extensive Sales Experience

Over three decades of expertise in customer service, negotiation, and communication.

Renovation and Management Background

Invaluable insights into property presentation and investment management.

Exceptional People Skills

Known for her professionalism, kindness, and ability to understand and prioritise client needs.

Family-Focused Approach

Recognises the importance of clear communication, privacy, and efficient timelines in every transaction.

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