Jaden Hendrikz

Sales Consultant

Jaden Hendrikz

Jaden, with a rich background spanning from South Africa to New Zealand's Deep South, brings a unique blend of global insights and local expertise to the real estate industry. His journey through retail has honed his natural talent for connecting with clients, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to integrity. Leveraging Tall Poppy's leading marketing resources, technological tools, and fair fee structure, Jaden excels in delivering client-focused, results-driven service. Whether you're buying, selling, or seeking property advice, Jaden is dedicated to ensuring a seamless, enjoyable, and successful real estate experience.

Jaden sells properties in Invercargill - Southland

Jaden's diverse life experiences and passion for real estate converge to offer unparalleled service in the Deep South's property market. His client-first approach, combined with exceptional communication skills and integrity, positions him as a standout agent. With two years of enhancing customer connection in retail, Jaden brings a fresh, insightful perspective to real estate transactions. Utilising Tall Poppy's innovative marketing and fair pricing, he is committed to facilitating enjoyable, hassle-free transactions. For a modern, seamless approach to your real estate needs, Jaden is your go-to professional.


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About Jaden

Born in South Africa, raised in the North Island, and now residing in the Deep South, Jaden has been around the block servicing and building a passion for the real estate industry.

As a self-motivated, insightful, and witty minded young adult, Jaden has found his way into real estate to excel in a client focused environment. One where he exceeds at putting clients wishes and desires in first place priority, delivering results clients dream of.

In the last two years, Jaden has built up his already natural customer connection and communication abilities in the retail industry. Through experience, a bold and important part of Jaden’s work is integrity, which he has learnt to make a priority in every aspect of life. Focused on connecting with the client and customer, Jaden wishes to complete a successful, enjoyable, and hassle-free transaction from start to finish. With Tall Poppy’s #1 FREE marketing package, modern technological approach and outstanding fair flat fee structure, Jaden provides a seamless and valuable experience for anyone venturing into the real estate market.

Have you got real estate questions? For any of your real estate needs, whether you’re buying or selling, or would just like to know what your property is worth in this crazy market, give Jaden a call!

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Jaden brings a fresh, insightful perspective to real estate transactions.

My strengths

What people love about working with me

Global Insights and Local Expertise

Offers a comprehensive understanding of diverse client needs and market dynamics.

Client-First Approach

Prioritises clients' wishes and desires, ensuring their goals are met with excellence.

Commitment to Integrity

Upholds the highest ethical standards in every transaction, building trust and reliability.

Modern Technological Approach

Utilises Tall Poppy's advanced marketing tools and strategies to maximise value and exposure.

Jaden’s sold properties


37 Avenal Street
Invercargill City, Avenal


221 Saint Andrew Street
Invercargill City, Glengarry


30 Suir Street
Invercargill City, Bluff


64 Hastings Street
Southland, Ohai


174 Bann Street
Invercargill City, Bluff


110 Kew Road
Invercargill City, Kew

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