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Earn More & Charge Less

If you want to earn more while charging lower fees and you’re driven to offer an exceptional customer experience every time, Tall Poppy could be right for you!

Focused on lead generation – you’re earning faster with Tall Poppy.

The average home value in NZ is $550k, a traditional commission is approx. $19k, Tall Poppy would charge a $12.5k fee and still pay our salespeople more per sale!


We don’t need to charge heaps for office overheads all around the country #winning.

We survey our homeowners 3 times during the sale process to check that they’re thrilled with their service, collectively our team have a score of 99.8% satisfaction!

The average income for our salespeople is $125k* for 2018. #livingthelife

Got your recent payslips handy? Check out how much more you could earn at Tall Poppy!

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(*Salespeople with us for 12 months or more)

Earn more & charge less

Better control over the sales process

Better control of your time

= a great lifestyle career!

Better Never Stops

We seek out the best communication tools so that our team can communicate effectively – efficiently – we are in an age of information now!

  • BombBomb – communicate your tone, body language, facial expressions, communicate more than a sms or email
  • We ask our team how we can do better, give a better customer experience, make life easier
  • Don’t like admin? Don’t like social media posting? Our Poppy Assist team are here like your in-house PA, no training or holiday pay required
  • Online resources for every occasion – order promo goods, learn how-to, we’ll take care of compliance #SaferSelling

Smarter Way To Sell

  • We reduce competition amongst salespeople by only allowing the listing agent to sell the property. This gives you better control of your time and buyers are always dealing with the expert on the property
  • 38% of our sellers surveyed didn’t invite any other company in to appraise!
  • No caravan viewing, no office drama, no commission splits – have more quality time!
  • We list properties on the highest online activity day to maximise exposure
  • Because we can, we group all buyers into viewings to encourage multiple offers

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Let’s get down to Business…

Our franchise model is a true partnership – we are invested in the success of our franchises! HQ does all the heavy lifting (AML, compliance, finance, operations, training, lead generation,) so our franchisees are top salespeople who focus on selling and helping their team to sell – the fun stuff!

Our Franchisees don’t spend their days sorting invoices, commission payments, compliance processes… have more time!

Our Franchise model is a true partnership – have more time for the fun stuff