• Discover how a smarter way to sell earns you more

The Tall Poppy way of doing business offers a straight up proposition

  • We offer a fair flat fee to our sellers and pay a better commission rate to our sales teams.
  • We achieve this by having a centralised office, with awesome people using clever technology.
  • We believe in providing great service (like 99.8% great!) to our clients.

Collectively we stand for family, fun, accountability and innovation.


We invest in headspace rather than physical space

Our focus is on investing in people who are industry leaders, to build a ‘best in class’ digital rather than physical infrastructure.  No offices mean no expensive overheads. The beauty is that we manage to pass on savings to our clients and pay our sales team a higher commission – win-win for everyone!

Here’s an example of our fee structure

A smarter way to sell

The Tall Poppy way of doing business includes exceptional marketing strategies to build a competitive buying environment, all expertly managed solely by the Tall Poppy salesperson who lists and sells their own properties.

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Compliance safety is key

Real estate laws and compliance can be the cause of anxiety for any salesperson. David Graves, our Head of Standards and Excellence and company founder, works hard to ensure that each property sale is managed in accordance with current best practice.  We are proud of our unblemished complaint record with the Real Estate Authority (REA) and aim to keep it this way.

We live our values every day

Honesty and transparency are at the heart of how we work.  Collectively, our team achieve 99.8% customer satisfaction through all sales!


We invest in and promote your success

Our smart digital marketing strategy generates customer enquiries directly to you allowing you to augment your hard work with additional listing leads.

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A robust infrastructure

We provide you with the support of a robust financial and administrative infrastructure.  We offer access to a team of professionals in Operations, Marketing, Training, Digital Design, Social Media, Recruitment, Customer Services and Software support.  Plus an extensive library of how-to videos, Virtual PA support, a comprehensive induction and on-going training, extensive marketing material options with easy ordering platforms and an internal communication platform.

Kiwis are flocking to our offer

There’s a groundswell of approval from our customers who prefer the Tall Poppy fairer fee model.  Over 2,500 Kiwis have trusted us to manage their home sale, and we have put over $20 million back into their pocket – and counting!

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Calculate your income potential

Your yearly income
$350,000 ex GST Average house sale price
$440,000 Average commission charged ex GST
$14,000 ex GST Average property sales per year
70 Approximate monthly desk fee/costs

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Your potential income with Tall Poppy is


if you sold 70 properties at our small flat fee.

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